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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

CVS and Their Fat Phobic Attitude

It really amazes me that CVS is conceited enough to think that they can dictate what weight their employees have to be. According to news articles they are going to charge their employees $50 per month if they are overweight. So they think if someone has some extra pounds they ought to pay them for the privilege of working for them? 

This is something that the plus-sized community better take notice off. If CVS pulls this off it will be coming to your job one day as well. It's wrong, and we have to tell this company we don't approve of it. 

I will never shop at a CVS store again until this is rectified. If plus-sized people are not "good enough" to work for them, then  a plus-sized person shouldn't be shopping there. I will not spend my hard earned dollars at a place that discriminates against size. 

Another action we can take is to email them by clicking here. Let them know you will not shop at a company that size discriminates and treats their plus-sized employees like trash. What they are doing is wrong and sending the wrong message, and the sad thing is they think they are so right!

There have been news articles for years talking about how fat is bad for you, shortens your life, etc. I wonder why skinny people have diabetes and heart disease then. If fat is the cause of all problems, why aren't slender people living twice the time that an overweight person does? 

People have the right and freedom to be the size they are, and it doesn't make them second-rate citizens to be plus-sized. We can't allow employers to start dictating to us what size we can be. We aren't robots created to their specifications.

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